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Handbook for parents & carers

This handbook contains all you need to know about school aims, timetable, admission, class organisation, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, homework, uniform, behaviour, welfare, food & drink, special educational needs, holidays, absences, and parental involvement.

Site: Lindal & Marton Primary School
Course: Lindal & Marton Primary School
Book: Handbook for parents & carers
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Date: Sunday, 15 July 2018, 8:00 PM

How to use this handbook

This handbook contains pretty much anything that a parent or carer might need to know about the school. You can read through the handbook from the beginning through to the end, like you would read a novel. Alternatively, you can use the menu to click on the subject that you're interested in, to go directly to that page.

Parents are welcome to request paper copies of any information or documents in the handbook. 

The handbook is divided into sections. Each section starts with a title page, which includes the same image as shown below.

There are 3 main sections:

1. About our School

2. School Life

3. Information and Polices

1. About our school

This section describes the basic features of the school organisation, including introductions to the staff and management teams, and what we aim to achieve together.


Lindal and Marton Primary School is a small school situated in the heart of the village of Lindal-in-Furness. The building dates from the middle of the nineteenth century and consists of four classrooms, an ICT suite, a hall and cloakrooms with disabled facilities. In 2009 a mezzanine floor was added to create  a teaching space/ICT suite and improved office facilities.  In 2015 another mezzanine floor was added above the Key Stage 2 class which enabled the school to move to four classes and reduce the number of pupils in each teaching group.

A significant feature of the school is the rich outside environment and outdoor classroom which support many aspects of the curriculum. The large garden area to the rear of the school is fully accessible by ramps. The school is surrounded by various play areas which provide opportunities for games. Approximately 100 metres along from the school is the school sports field which is used for games and sports by the children as well as serving as a village play area out of school hours.


Lindal and Marton Staff

Mrs F Doran

Headteacher / Class Teacher - Y4

Mrs S Gallagher

Business Administrator

Teaching Staff

Miss C Stewart

Class Teacher - YR & Y1

Miss L Whyte

Class Teacher - Y2 & Y3

Mrs J Elliott

Class Teacher (0.5) - Y4

Mr S Procter

Class Teacher - Y5 & Y6

Mrs E Greaves

Languages Teacher

Mr C Stoneham

Music Teacher

Mr T Lawson

Onside Sports Coach

Support Staff

Mrs J Dalziel

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Thompson

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Jarvis

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Covey

Senior Teaching Assistant

Midday Staff


Midday Supervisor

Mrs Gallagher

Midday Supervisor

Mrs G Johnson

Midday Supervisor

Mrs G Johnson / Mrs C Jarvis

Playground Supervisors

In addition to our experienced and hardworking staff, we often have teaching students working in the school.  We enjoy a close partnership with the University of Cumbria and believe that our commitment to the teaching profession means we have a duty to support and develop students. We aim to be excellent role models and provide the experiences necessary to enable our students to become quality teachers and foster a passion for teaching and learning.


At Lindal and Marton Primary School we have a very active Governing Body. Our Governors are skilled, knowledgeable and fully committed to the vision and ambitions for the school.

We have two committees, the Staffing, Curriculum and Standards Committee, who are also responsible for safeguarding and the Buildings and Finance Committee who are also responsible for Health and Safety.  Each committee meets four times a year with a full governors meeting taking place approximately two weeks after.

The constitution of our governing board is as follows:

3 parent governors

1 LA governor

1 Staff governor

1 Head teacher

3 co-opted governors

Term of office for all governors is 4 years.

Governing Body Membership - 18-19


Governor Category & Appointing Body

Committee Responsibility

Link Governor responsibility

Appointment Date

Re-election date

Declarations of interest e.g Business, finance, governance in other schools

Mrs S Bennett (Chair)

LA Governor.

Local Authority.

Staffing, Curr & Standards – Chair

Buildings & Finance

Assessment / SEND




Mr B Mayou

Parent Governor.


Buildings & Finance  -   Chair

Computing / PE & Sports / PHSCE




Mrs S Seath

Parent Governor.


Staffing, Curr & Standards

Maths / Safeguarding





Mrs E Hutt

Parent Governor.








Mrs J Dalziel

Staff Governor.






Wife of T Dalziel

Mr T Dalziel

Co-opted Governor.

Governing Body.

Buildings & Finances

Health and Safety



Husband of J Dalziel

Mrs S Hoekstra

Co-opted Governor.

Governing Body.

Staffing, Curr & Standards




Previous employee

Mrs J Mason

Co-opted Governor.

Governing Body.



Resigned 31-10-2016

Previous employee


Clerk to the Governors: Mrs S Gallagher - Contact via the school office.

Full Governor's Attendance at Meetings 2017/2018

Staffing, Curriculum & Standards Committee Meeting Attendance 2017/2018

Buildings & Finance Committee Meeting Attendance 2017/18

Vision, Aims & Values

Lindal and Marton Primary School is a caring school with happy and motivated children. It is our purpose to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which each child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential and experience success.

Lindal and Marton Primary School is committed to serving its community. As a small village school, we understand our responsibility to ensure that our pupils are prepared for a more diverse society.  The school embraces the belief that our children are at the heart of a wider, ever changing, multi-cultural and multi-faith community and key them growing up as responsible and respectable citizens is the acceptance and promotion of British values.

Central to the advocacy of British values are the school’s aims, moral values and core learning values.  All of which are achieved through our ethos, the curriculum and the provision for pupils beyond formal lessons.


We aim for each child

  • to have a sense of self worth, self esteem and confidence
  • to enjoy the learning experience and take pleasure in learning,
  • to be ambitious for themselves and what they can achieve,
  • to be well motivated and independent learners with lively and enquiring minds
  • to be able to persevere and understand that determination and effort can conquer difficulties,
  • to have successful partnerships between parents, other children, governors, staff and the community
  • to care for themselves and participate in a healthy lifestyle
  • to show consideration of the needs of others and treat everyone equally without prejudice
  • to know how to behave appropriately, acting with courtesy, common sense and self discipline at all times 




We believe that through developing these four Core Learning Values we can help foster assured learners who are determined and able to apply their learning to all areas so that they can achieve SUCCESS and make a positive impact on the world.




Children should be aware of the importance of religion to individuals and to society and should realise the significant role it has played in shaping our civilization as it is today.  Staff and pupils should be sensitive and respectful of the different beliefs and customs of other religions and cultures.  It must be remembered that the teaching of moral values is implicit in everything a child experiences in and out of school and that adults should model and encourage the morals that we aim to instil.

British Values

The Department for Education has introduced a statutory duty for schools to promote British Values more actively from September 2014 and to ensure they are taught in schools.  The government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011 ‘Prevent’ Strategy. 

The five key British Values are: 
- Democracy

- The rule of law

- Individual liberty

- Mutual respect

- Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. 

The examples that follow show some of the many ways Lindal and Marton Primary School seeks to instil British Values: