Handbook for parents & carers

Published Policies


If you become concerned in any way about your child's education, it is important that you tell us about this. As a first step you should discuss your concerns with your child's teacher. If you are still concerned after talking with the teacher, you should arrange to meet with Mrs F Doran, Headteacher.

Obviously, as a staff we will do all we can to resolve your concerns and to ensure you are happy with your child's education. There may be some occasions when parents wish to complain about matters relating to the curriculum and collective worship which are the responsibility of the Governing Body and/or the Local Education Authority. Special formal arrangements exist for dealing with complaints of this kind. Copies of a leaflet which outlines these arrangements are available from the school, as are copies of the full arrangements themselves.

Advice on how to pursue a formal complaint is also available from:

School Admissions
Children’s Services Directorate
5 Portland Square

Tel: (01228) 221158, 226984 or 221171