October 21st Newsletter

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October 21st Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 1:58 PM

Scholastic Book Fayre

We hope the children enjoyed the Book Fayre last week and are pleased with their purchases.  We are thrilled with its success and because approximately £800 was taken from your purchases, the school will receive back 50% of this in vouchers to spend on books for the classroom meaning that your children will benefit even more.  We will be asking the School Council to question each class and find out what type of books they like and then order them.



Parents’ Evenings

As you will know we have our Parents’ Evenings planned for Tuesday and Thursday of the first week back next half term.  The children’s books will be available in the hall for you to view either before or after your meeting with their class teacher.  We ask parents to respect that the meetings are only 10 minutes long.  If further time is needed to discuss any issues then another meeting should be arranged as every extra minute you have means less time for the parent who has a meeting booked after you.



Extra-Curricular Clubs
The current clubs will continue next half term.  However, there will be no clubs on the first week back.  This is due to staff commitments with parents’ evenings, Ulverston Voices and the Year 2/3/4 trip to Vindolanda on Friday 4th November.


Clubs will resume as normal from Monday 7th November and will continue up until the final week of term where there will be no clubs due to the end of year productions and our whole school trip to Blackpool.


Can I please remind parents that when children are signed up for clubs there is an expectation that they attend unless we hear otherwise from parents.  We have had a number of Key Stage 2 children choosing to go home rather than stay for the club they are registered for.  This is unacceptable.  It takes time for the adult who is supposed to be delivering the club to track down where the children are and then time for other adults to ring home and notify parents.  If your child no longer wants to attend a club or has to miss a week for any reason then please have the courtesy to inform us.



Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.





Return to   school


Parents   Evening


Ulverston   Voices – Yr 1/2, leaving at 2pm


Parents Evening


Year 2/3/4   trip to Vindolanda


Nasal Flu   treatment for Years 1/2/3


Year 5/6 trip   to Jodrell Bank


Children’s   Christmas Dinner


Choir singing   for Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner


KS1 & KS2   End of term performances, 1:30pm


KS1 & KS2   End of term performances, 5:30pm


KS1 & KS2   End of term performances, 5:30pm


Blackpool   Trip, Panto


Finish for   Christmas Break