November 24th Newsletter

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November 24th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Sunday, 26 November 2017, 8:36 PM

Road Safety

This week the children have been learning about road safety as part of the national Road Safety Week.  The theme this year was ‘Speed Down Save Lives’ and we thought that this was very fitting given the issues we have being situated where we are.  We do have a number of children who walk to and from school so we feel that, for those especially, it has been vital to take part in this themed week.


Internet Safety

Continuing with the theme of safety, we are very fortunate to have PSCO Harris visiting school next week to speak to Class 3 and 4 children about Internet safety.  This visit has been arranged by our safeguarding governor, Mrs Seath, following a recent survey we conducted with our pupils regarding their Internet use.  We were shocked to learn how many of our children use social networking sites and how many have experienced what they would regard as Cyber Bullying.  Worryingly, there is a very high proportion of our juniors using ‘Snap Chat’ which is very concerning because not only are they too young to use this network and know how to manage privacy settings to keep themselves safe, they lack the maturity to understand how vulnerable they are when communicating in such a way.  Over the coming months we will be planning various activities to raise awareness and hope that you will support us with this.


Keswick/Coniston to Barrow Donation

I am very pleased to report that LAMPS have received a generous donation of £700 from the K2B Committee.  The donation will be used to further improve our outdoor area following the extensive work of parents over the summer.  We intend to replace the sandpit, purchase furniture to create an outdoor classroom, have a tyre trail, a den building area, a shelter and possibly a trim trail (depending on the success of funding bids).  It is a long-term project so we are very pleased with the K2B donation as it will bring us one step closer to making the best of this fantastic space we have.



As we are nearing the end of our first term, I will be reviewing our attendance figures and the attendance level and patterns of individuals.  Myself and the governing body are held to account for the attendance of pupils and the extent of our efforts to ensure that our pupils attend school regularly and make good progress academically and socially.  The DFE regards poor attendance as any figure below 95% and expects us to take action where a child’s attendance falls below 90%.  Following the review, I will be writing to the parents of any pupils’ whose attendance is a concern.  You should also have received a letter from John Macilwraith, the corporate director of Children Services, about attendance and leave of absence during term time, which was sent home today.


Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.





Year 5/6 Hockey Comp, selected pupils, 9-12pm


Visit from PSCO Harris – Internet Safety


Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Furness Final, 9:30 – 11am @ Hoops


Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics Festival, 12 – 2:30pm @ Hoops


End of term   productions – dress rehearsal


Senior   Citizens Christmas Dinner – KS2 children singing


Afternoon   performances, 1:30pm, Evening, 6pm


Evening   performances, 6pm


Whole School   visit to Forum 28 for Cinderella Panto, 10am


Christmas   Party, 1pm


Crib Service,   St Peter’s Church, 9:30am


Finish for   Christmas break



First day of   Spring Term