March 2nd Newsetter

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March 2nd Newsetter
by Mrs Doran - Friday, 2 March 2018, 5:39 PM


We are now half way through the academic year and our attendance is hovering dangerously around our set target.  We currently have 20 pupils on roll whose attendance has dropped below 95% and a significant number of these pupils have an attendance below 90% for various reasons.  Our school has been particularly affected by the typical winter bugs seen at this time of year and there are still many families taking holidays in term time.


As an outstanding school there is an expectation that our attendance level remains above the national average and therefore we have a duty to promote excellent attendance.  If your child’s attendance has dropped below 95% you will receive a text message notifying you of this.  The DFE require schools to take action if a child’s attendance falls below 90%.  Therefore if your child’s attendance has fallen below this level, you will receive a formal notice from school.


We understand that illness cannot be helped and if children are very poorly then they do need to be at home.  However, there are many instances when a child can feel a little under the weather but are still fit enough to be in school.  We are happy to administer medicine during the day to those that need it and will monitor children closely to ensure that if they are too unwell to be in school you are contacted to collect them.


Snow Days

On the subject of promoting good attendance, I was very pleased not to have to close the school on Wednesday this week (like 111 other schools across the county) but disappointed with the attitude of some parents who would have preferred us to be shut.  It is understandable that many schools did have to close and this is usually due to staff not being able to travel in.  Teachers are within their rights if they refuse to make the journey but I am very lucky that this is not something that ours would do unless the conditions were much more extreme.  They are committed to the school, the children and their learning.


Closing the school is not an easy decision to make due to the number of people that can be affected weighted against the health and safety implications that adverse weather brings. I hope that for every parent that would have preferred a snow day there were as many or more who were pleased we made the effort to remain open.


If we did need to close the school in the future then parents will be informed about this by text and email.  We will also contact The Bay Radio who provide regular updates during inclement weather. 



Our 3 gymnastics teamed competed last Friday in the Dalton Small Schools Gymnastic Competition at Dowdales.  All three teams were fabulous and represented the school very well.  I am pleased to say each team won their competition and will compete again on Tuesday in the Furness Finals at Barrow Leisure Centre.  Thank you to all parents who support our gymnasts either by plaiting hair, giving lifts or watching them compete.



School Uniform

We received some wonderful feedback after the Ulverston Voices concert regarding our children’s behaviour and also how smart they looked in their uniforms.  They always present themselves well.  We have purchased some school ties from Identity that we will keep in the office and, if needed, parents can purchase them from school which we hope will be easier than making the journey to Barrow or paying delivery costs for 1 item.  The ties cost £4.


Class 1 outdoor area

Miss Stewart has asked that, when collecting children at the end of the day, your child (or younger siblings) do not play with the outdoor resources as there have been too many occasions when resources have been left scattered which results in her having to tidy the area that evening before the children can use it the following day.


Friends of LAMPS

There will be a meeting in school on Monday 5th March, 7:30pm to discuss upcoming events and plan our first Easter Fayre.  All parents/grandparents are welcome.


Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.





Friends of   LAMPS meeting, 7:30pm, School – all welcome


Furness Finals   Gym Competition, Park Leisure Centre


Dowdales PE   leaders in to do netball with Year 4/5/6


Year 5 @ UVHS   for taster day


Fun Sports   Event @ Dowdales, Year 1


Science Week


Library Bus   visiting


Class 3 visit   to Tytup Farm


Science Day –   experiments and activities all day!


Ulverston Voices   workshop – Choir


KS2 Cross   Country @ Dowdales, 2:30 – 4pm


Jester for   Jesus Assembly


Ambulance   Service visit – whole school


Netball   Tournament @ Dowdales, 3:45-5pm, Year 5/6


Class 3 UDance   performance, Forum 28


Year 5/6   football Primary League competition @ Whitehaven


Last day of   term – NO CLUBS, usual finishing time