July 6th Newsletter

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July 6th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 11:10 AM


We have now been with Dolce, who supply our hot dinners, for 12 months and are in the process of evaluating their service.  As a school we have identified the following issues which we are trying to address with them:

-       Parents being incorrectly billed for lunches that have not been ordered

-       A complicated administration procedure for managing payments and invoices

-       Occasional glitches with their system that prevent parents from logging on and ordering meals

-       Changes to menu choices after meals have been booked causing pre-orders to be cancelled


If you have experienced any other issues not listed then please do let us know.  Dolce have informed us that they will be increasing their prices from September – whilst myself and the Governing Body have agreed to absorb this additional cost using the school’s budget, we obviously want a service that offers value for money.


Other issues we have involving dinners includes the additional cost of the transportation of food due to having no cooking facilities and the difficulty of keeping that food hot and of the quality it should be when we have to serve in two sittings.  I am also concerned by the amount of waste and the tiny amounts of food that the younger children are eating.  So many children either complain that they do not like the food that has been ordered for them or barely touch it.  We have considered the possibility of only providing cold food in the future, especially if costs were to increase any more, and are interested in what your thoughts would be about this.


Open Day - Wednesday 11th July

Next Wednesday will be our open day.  This is an opportunity for parents or grandparents to come into school and sit with their child to look through their books and all the work they have done over the year.  Key Stage 1 parents can visit in the morning and Key Stage 2 parents in the afternoon.  If you have a child in both key stages then you are free to choose either and see both children together.  Your child’s books and their end of year report can be taken home this day and you are also free to take your child after your visit.  There are a number of children who will not be able to take their books home at this time.  This is because we keep a selection of books for monitoring purposes. 


Summer Sports Fun Day – Monday 16th July

We are very fortunate to be able to use the space and facilities available at Glaxo Sports Club.  We will be spending the whole day there and ask for children to be dropped off and collected in the park area.  Drop off will be at 8:50am and pick up at 3:15pm.  If you anticipate any difficulties getting your child to Glaxo, and are unable to ask a friend or other parent, then please speak to myself before Wednesday and I will organise a lift in a staff car.

We will be asking Dolce to supply packed lunches for the pupils who usually have a dinner but more information will be given about this next week.



Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.





Information evening for new parents, 5:30pm – 6pm


Hockey & Tennis County Finals


Open Day, KS1 am, KS2 pm, Pupil Reports sent home also


Class 1 & 2 trip to YMCA


Summer Sports Fun Day. Glaxo Sports Centre 8:50-3:15pm


Leaver’s Assembly, 1pm – 2pm


Last day of term – collection from 2pm




Children return to school