September 11th Newsletter

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September 11th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Saturday, 12 September 2015, 6:54 PM


We have had a super start to the new academic year.  The children have all settled very well into their new classes and our new teachers seem as though they have been here forever.  I would especially like to welcome our new Reception pupils and their parents.  We have Kain, Ben, Levi, Sebastian, Archie, Samuel, Francisca, Ashton and Lexi.  In addition to those new starters we also have a number of other children who we have welcomed into different year groups: Tyler and Lewis (Yr 1), Mya and Courtney (Yr 2), Joshua (Yr 3) and also Martha and Isla (Yr 4).  We now have 83 pupil on roll and, with the new teaching space for year 5/6, we can still boast of small class sizes.


School Improvement

I would like to take this opportunity to give sincere thanks to those who live on School Terrace for the patience they have shown throughout the building work.  Your understanding is very much appreciated.  I am very happy with the improvements that have been made throughout school particularly because of the positive response we have had from parents and the children.  It has been a fairly trouble free process thanks to the hard work and professionalism of Compass Construction workers and also Home Carpet Services who supplied and fitted our carpets .  The whole project has been the result of hard work from the whole team with everybody making a contribution.  We have even drafted in friends and family to ensure that the school was ready and complete for our first day and the work achieved within a tight budget so that we can still focus our resources on teaching and learning.  One such improvement has been to appoint an additional Senior Teaching Assistant to work mornings with the Pixies (Rec/Yr1) and also increase Mrs Covey’s hours to support the Griffins (Yr 5/6).



I do intend to continue writing a weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with achievements and any events planned in or out of school.  This first newsletter has been sent today as tomorrow you will receive a newsletter from your child’s class teacher.  You will receive a class newsletter termly with information significant to your child and the class they are in.  My weekly newsletter will be placed on the website as soon as possible each week and will remain online for you to refer back to if needed.  The children’s entrance hall (main cloakroom) will also be a hub of information with an after school club timetable displayed, governors minutes and copies of any other significant letters.  If you have any information/leaflets that you would like displaying for others then please pass them to me.


After-school Clubs

After school clubs will start Monday 14th September.  A club timetable will follow to show all extra-curricular opportunities that are available for your child.  These include lunch time clubs that the children can attend that do not require a permission slip.  There will also be a separate letter from Mrs Hoekstra providing details about choir.   Please do take note of which year groups the clubs are open to before making your selections.  In order for your child to attend an extra-curricular club after school, you must return the permission slip.


Dojo Rewards System

We are very lucky at Lindal and Marton to have fantastic, hardworking and well behaved children.  We have introduced a whole school system of rewarding effort and good behaviour where the children receive ‘Dojo points’ for showing qualities such as teamwork and perseverance.  In addition to the usual achievement awards we give each week for Mathematics and English, the child in each class who has achieved the most points that week will receive a DoJo certificate.  These will replace the merit certificates given each year.  The children can accumulate their points to be awarded special prizes which they have chosen and agreed with the class teacher.  Please ask them to tell you all about it.  Certificates will be awarded in our Friday assembly as usual and then recorded on the webpage.


Collecting children at the end of the day

There has been some confusion this week over where children are collected from at the end of the day. 

  • Pixies (Rec/year 1) – will be dismissed from their classroom door when Miss Stewart sees that they have someone waiting for them.
  • Unicorns (Year 2) – will be taken through the hall side door by Miss Hair who will stay with them until they are collected by their parent/guardian.
  • Dragons (Year 3/4) – will be dismissed from the main cloakroom and Mr Procter will remain with them until they have all been collected.
  • Griffins (Year 5/6) will be dismissed through the visitor’s entrance and, as many of our older pupils walk home alone, will be trusted to follow their parent’s instructions for leaving school once dismissed by their teacher.  If any parents of Year 5/6 are unhappy with this arrangement then please do see me to discuss your preference for your child.


We will also have books in the cloakroom for parents/guardians of the younger children to write in to inform us of any specific arrangements for the collection of their child e.g. if they are to attend the After School Club or be picked up by a friend or family member.  There will be a book for the Pixies and another for the Unicorns.  These books will replace the dry wipe board previously used in Reception/Year 1.


Breakfast and After School Club

Now that the building work has finished, please can parents use the visitor’s entrance when dropping off or collecting children from Breakfast and After School Club.



Free fruit will continue to be provided for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  All other pupils are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack for break each day.  We do not allow crisps, chocolate or biscuits.  However, our Tuck Shop will continue with biscuits being sold for 10p/20p each Friday.



Please can I remind you about parking when dropping children off in the morning?  Please refrain from parking or turning in the residents only area of School Terrace, not only is it a danger to our pupils, it is unfair to those who live there.






DoJo (merit)



















Mon 14th Sept

Library Van visit

Mon 21st Sept

Friends AGM, 7:30pm, ALL   welcome

Fri 25th Sept

MacMillan Coffee morning

Fri 23rd Oct

Finish for half term

Mon 2nd Nov

Return for 2nd   half of Autumn term