January 8th Newsletter

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January 8th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Sunday, 10 January 2016, 11:32 AM

Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the Spring Term.  As usual we have lots of exciting things planned for the children and it is going to be a very busy time.



It has been a busy week for letters going home and I would like to thank you for your efforts in ensuring that permission slips and money etc are always returned in very good time.  Mrs Gallagher has sent a letter requesting specific details to enable us to update the information we have on our current systems with a view to exploring the use of text and email as an additional method of communication in the future.  You should also have received a termly newsletter from class teachers to give you an overview of the work that each class will be covering this term and also provide and information that is specific to that class such as PE days and homework arrangements.


Newsletters will always be available via the school website and are uploaded as soon after writing as possible.  The school website contains a wealth of general information and has always been praised by prospective parents and other visitors interested in the school but if you would like to see something on the website which is not currently available then please do let me know and if possible it will be added.  We are currently working on individual pages for each class to share basic information and celebrate children’s work.



There have been some concerns shared about dog dirt being a problem on the paths and the road up to school.  Whilst I am confident that this will not be caused by our own parents and neighbours, who will all be very conscious of children walking in the area, I do realise that we are a popular route for owners walking their dogs and it appears that not all of them are being responsible for the mess their dogs leave.  Please be vigilant when walking, especially on the dark nights.



I am still hearing from upset parents who are frustrated by those who are parking in a morning and after school without consideration for others.  I understand the difficulty posed by the lack of parking facilities for staff together with the narrow road and how this situation is made worse at this time of year because of the weather but I cannot stress enough the danger that some people are causing.  I will continue to monitor the situation next week in the hope it improves as the next course of action will be to contact the Highways Agency and ask again for a police presence in the morning.  On wet mornings we will aim to open the doors earlier to allow parents to drop off quickly and then leave to create more space for those arriving later.


Reading Scheme

I was thrilled to receive the delivery of our new reading scheme today and I am very excited to distribute the books throughout the classes.  We have purchased poetry and phonic books for the Pixies, additional collections for the Unicorns and Dragons which include non-fiction titles that were desperately needed.  Graphic novels and myths and legends are just two examples of collections that we have ordered which will add to the library for the Griffins.  Thank you once again for your valued support with fundraising.  The improvements made to IT provision are having a marked impact on teaching and learning and I have no doubt that the new reading scheme will too.





It was lovely to be able to share with the children in assembly this morning all of the exciting events planned so far this term.  Miss Stewart and I are planning on taking Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to the Forum 28 to watch The Gruffalo’s Child.  Year 5/6 are going to be working with Barrow Savoyards and will have the opportunity to watch their production in February as well as working with a professional dance teacher (Amanda Jackson) for the UDance event in March. Year 3/4 have their residential trip to Waterpark, Coniston to look forward to and then the choir will be travelling to Manchester for Young Voices.  This is all in addition to the many sporting events that are also scheduled. It is going to be a very busy term! 


I will always aim to give you dates as far in advance as possible with further, more detailed information, being given nearer the time.






Dojo (merit)


Samuel Heap

William Smith

Naomi Whitehead


Danny Maddox

Ezri Kitchin

Amelie Ward


Briony Murray

George Kilty

Tom Mason


Sam Jessett

Katy Mason

Blossom Howell


Diary Dates

Dates Event
15-01-16 Barrow Savoyards to work with year 5/6
19-01-16 Year 5 working with the school nurse
19-01-16 Phonics meeting for year 1 parents, 5pm, more details to follow
29-01-16 Bat and Ball skills for Year 2, Dowdales, 3:45pm, optional
05-02-16 Key Steps 1 Competition (Yr1&2), Dowdales, 9:30 - 11:30am
05-02-16 Key Steps 2&3 Competition (Yr3-6), Dowdales, 1:15pm - 3:30pm
12-02-16 Break up for half term
22-02-16 Return to school
23-02-16 Year 5&6 trip to Forum 28, Barrow Savoyards Performance, 7pm
29-02-16 Young Voices, Manchester, Choir only
03-03-16 KS1 Trip to Forum 28, The Gruffalo's Child, 10:30am
21-03-16 Year 3/4 Residential Trip to Waterpark, Coniston
21-03-16 Year 5/6, U Dance Performance, Forum 28