February 5th Newsletter

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February 5th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Saturday, 6 February 2016, 7:09 AM

Competition Kits

After a long consultation with staff and children, we were finally able to order our school’s new competition kits and they arrived just in time for the Gymnastics Competition this week.  We chose a sapphire blue T-shirt to wear instead of the usual white PE top and decided to order some additional navy tracksuits to add to the existing ones in school already.  Staff have a navy and sapphire blue hoody which will enable them to be identifiable on trips and at competitions.  The children loved wearing the new shirts today and looked very smart when representing the school.


We are indebted to Mr Barnes who has contributed a significant amount of money to LAMPS through nominating the school as his charity for the Keswick 2 Barrow fundraising and also Glaxo Smith Kline’s ‘Making a Difference’ scheme which has recognized his volunteer work at the school.  Thank you Mr Barnes.


Lindal Ladies Charity Group

On the subject of charitable donations, I was honored to be invited to a coffee morning last Saturday organized by the Lindal Ladies Charity Group.  I was amazed to receive a very generous donation of £500.  It was fantastic to see so many of our own parents supporting the event and made me feel very blessed to be part of such a giving and charitable community.



I am thrilled to report that our Key Stage 1 pupils performed fantastically this morning at Dowdales for the Key Steps Gymnastics competition. We were awarded 1st and 4th place.  Miss Stewart and Mrs Dalziel said not only did they perform to such a high standard but they behaved superbly and were a credit to our school and their parents.  Thank you to all the adults who came today to help with hair and transport.  It is very much appreciated.  We will send a text with news of Key Stage 2 results.


World Book Day

World Book Day happens this year on March 3rd.  Because we are aiming to raise the profile of reading this year, we would like to celebrate World Book Day in fancy dress.  Key Stage 1 pupils will be travelling to the Forum 28 in Barrow to watch a production of The Gruffalo’s Child so we would like the Pixies and Unicorns to come to school that day dressed as their favourite Julia Donaldson character.  There are many to choose from: The Stickman, The Gruffalo, a witch, a scarecrow, not to mention a monkey.


We would like the children in Key Stage 2 to come dressed as a character from any Roald Dahl book.  Again, there is a wide variety to choose from ranging from the wonderful eccentric Willy Wonka, The Twits, Mrs Trunchbull and The BFG to more conservative characters such as Danny, George and Matilda. 


Health and Hygiene

We have had two reports from parents of Year 3/4 pupils regarding threadworms.  Threadworms are very common in children under 10 and highly contagious. I have spoken to a medical professional who has advised that parents be notified with the recommendation that all children should be treated along with their siblings and school staff.  Treatment can be given in either liquid or tablet form and is available from the pharmacist without prescription.  Because we do have many siblings in school and our pupils do mix across all classes and all year groups, I am making this recommendation to everyone.



I was very disappointed this morning to hear another complaint about parking.  It is a great pity that there are still individuals who ignore simple requests not to turn in the School Terrace residents’ parking area and not to stop in the road to let their children out.  Those parents who are still doing either of these things are giving all others the impression that they are choosing their own needs above the safety of all our pupils which is very sad indeed.  I am sure no-one wants to be in the position where they are the ones responsible for injuring someone else’s child.







Dojo (merit)


Lewis Walker

Libby Powell

Lexi Brettle


Maisy McKenzie   Netherwood

Courtney Crowe

Leah McIntosh


Martha Ross

Darwin Kitchin

Harry Mayou


Dillon Wilson

William Crook

Katy Mason



Diary Dates




Gill Jepson,   working with Year 3/4, 1pm – 2:45pm


Year 5/6,   Dowdales, 1:00-3:30pm, Beauty and the Beast


Break up for   Half Term


Valentines   Disco, Bucc. Hall, 6-8pm


Back to   school


Yr 5/6 trip   to Forum 28 (Savoyards performance), 7pm


Netball   Tournament, Yr 5/6 (more details to follow)


Race Night,   Duddon Sports Club, 7pm


Young Voices   (Choir only)


Gill Jepson   visiting, whole school


Emma   Richardson, singing workshop, Yr 5/6, 1:15pm


World Book   Day


Friends   Coffee Morning, Coronation Hall, 9:30 – 12:00


KS1 trip to   Forum 28, The Gruffalo’s Child, 10:30am


Dowdales Fun   Sports event for Year 1 pupils, 1:15 – 3pm


Friends of   LAMPS meeting, 7:30pm


Year 3/4   Residential to Waterpark


Yr 5/6 at   Forum 28 for UDance