March 11th Newsletter

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March 11th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Friday, 11 March 2016, 3:05 PM

Teacher Vacancy

As you know, Mrs Hoekstra retires at the end of this academic year so we have the difficult task of recruiting for her replacement.  We have placed an advert on the Cumbria County Council’s Vacancies page and also on our own school website.  We are hoping to appoint an experienced KS2 teacher; however, above all else, we would like another outstanding teacher to join our team.  The School Council have already started work with Mr Procter to think about what qualities they would like in a new teacher and they are going to be busy in their next meeting planning interview questions.  Interviews have been planned for Friday 22nd April.


Science Week

Next week we are having a focus on Science because 11-18th March is British Science Week.  Miss Stewart will be beginning the week with an interactive science assembly and presentation to celebrate science and industry in our locality.  Key Stage 1 pupils are going to be having a one off science lesson taught by Mrs Kitchin.  Mrs Kitchin is a science teacher in Furness Academy as well as being one of our parents.  Secondary School teachers are specialists in their subjects and able to offer high quality lessons.  It is never easy persuading secondary school teachers to work with infants so we feel exceptionally lucky to have Mrs Kitchin coming in to work with ours.  We will finish the week with a full day of fun science.  The children will be divided into mixed aged groups from Reception to Year 6 and will travel around the school to work with different teachers on fun, practical science activities.  Look out on our website for photos taken during the week.



Lunch Shop

Orian, the providers of our school meals, have introduced Lunch Shop, which is an online ordering and payment system.  Parents and children can go online and choose meals together, in advance. You can also pay for meals online, which means you won’t have to bring cash or cheques into school, you can simply top-up your balance when you need to.  I have been using this system as a parent myself for a number of weeks and have found it a very straightforward and an effective way to keep a view of what my child is choosing for lunch each day, ensuring that their choices are balanced and varied. To initiate this new way of paying and ordering, we will need to issue a username and password to every family and also install a computer station in the hall where the children will receive a ticket each day with their meal choices displayed.  The ticket is then taken to the servers who plate up their meals so they receive the food that has been ordered.  I will write again soon with more details of how the system will work and when we will start. 



Parents' Evening

Due to the Year 3/4 residential trip taking place in the last week of term, Parents’ Evenings will take place during the first week back after the Easter break.  We will be running with the same format of the Autumn term meetings.  Appointment lists will be displayed in the entrance hall from next week and parents are asked to choose the time they would like to meet their child’s teacher.  Parents with children in more than one class are advised to choose early to ensure your appointments are within a similar time frame.  The first evening will be Wednesday 13th April and the second evening will be Thursday 14th April.  As before, the children’s books will be available for you to view either before or after your meeting.


Parents of Year 6 pupils will receive information about the Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) that year 6 will complete in May during their meetings, so you are strongly encouraged to attend.  If you have any questions about SATs then they can be discussed at this time also.


Year 2 pupils will also complete SATs tests in May.  Parents will be given further information about this during a presentation evening that is being held on Wednesday 23rd March.  A letter with further details was sent home with Year 2 pupils today.







Dojo (merit)


Levi Constantini

Sebastian Kilty

Oliver Mayou


Mya Dobson

Henry Ellis

Ella Scott


Harry Mayou

Elliot Barnes

Martha Ross


Peter Scott

Noah Seath

Katy Mason


Diary Dates




Year 3/4   Egyptian Theme Day


Football   Tournament (selected Yr 3/4 boys and Yr 5/6 girls)


Science   Activities with Mrs Kitchin (KS1)


Year 3 / 4  Residential to Waterpark


Yr 5/6 at   Forum 28 for Udance


Meeting for   Year 2 parents, 5:30pm


Penrith   Gymnastics Final