March 18th Newsletter

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March 18th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Monday, 21 March 2016, 3:09 PM

Parents’ Evenings

A quick reminder that Parents’ Evenings will be held during the first week back after Easter.  The first evening will be Wednesday 13th April and the second evening will be Thursday 14th April.  As before, the children’s books will be available for you to view either before or after your meeting.  Please do not forget to book your appointment by signing the sheet in the Children’s Entrance.  If you are unable to do this then feel free to ring the office and speak to Mrs Gallagher about your preferred time or send a note in with your child and we will do our best to accommodate the time you require with the sessions still remaining.


Extra-Curricular Clubs

Mrs Smith and Mrs Simpson will not be doing Gymnastics on Monday after school due to most of the pupils being on Residential.  However, there will be an alternative club for those children who normally attend should they wish to join in.  The alternative club will take place until 4:15pm.


I will be sending home a new Extra-Curricular Clubs timetable next week as clubs will change for the Summer term.  An additional letter will come home during the first week and will include a permission slip to be sent back into school.  Clubs will start the week beginning April 11th.


PE Shirts

We will be changing our PE kits from September 2016.  The children will continue to wear navy shorts but rather than the current white, cotton T’Shirt with large logo, we will be changing to a navy and white contrast shirt with a small white logo.  Please do not go out and buy a new PE top for the summer.  If your child does need one then a plain white T’Shirt will do for the remainder of the year.  Our new competition kits have been very well received by the children, parents and staff from other schools.  Parents are advised that the sapphire blue tops and contrast hoodies are available from Identity if you would like to purchase one for your own child.  Hoodies can be worn for competitions and school trips.



I am very excited to tell you that the children will be learning Karate during their PE lessons next term.  Miss Hair conducted a survey with the pupils and they told us that Karate is something that they would like to do.  There was an overwhelming interest so we have listened to them and arranged for Sensei Steve Turner and his wife Linda, to deliver sessions to children from Year 1 to Year 6.  Sensei Turner has been studying the martial arts since 1989 and is a 3rd Dan black belt in Goju Ryu Karate-Do.  He is also a qualified primary school teacher and passionate about teaching Karate.  A number of our pupils already attend Sensei Turner’s classes at the South Lakes Academy of Karate-Do but if you would like more information then please visit their website.



Due to half of the Year 3/4 pupils being on Residential, we are offering Year 5/6 children an additional swimming session on Monday morning.  They will only need their swim suit and a towel and will be accompanied by Mrs Hoekstra, Miss Ripley (student) and Miss Johnson (student).  The session is optional, those pupils who do not go will remain in school with myself.


Easter Raffle

The School Council have planned an Easter raffle for the school.  All children will be rewarded with a raffle ticket at some point during the week to recognise their hard work and excellent behaviour.  Children on Residential will receive raffle tickets to recognise teamwork and independence. Their raffle tickets will then be exchanged for an Easter Egg.  There will be a variety of eggs in the raffle, some bigger than others!  We will be using profits from our Friday Tuck Shop to help purchase the eggs but if you would like to contribute and donate any chocolate eggs (of any size) to the School Council then please can they be brought in before Thursday. 







Dojo (merit)


Alexander Smith

Evie Jesset

Lewis Walker


Yasmin Boyde

Amelie Ward

Esmee Pybis


Tyler Jones

Xander DeBeaux

Sam Powell


Marcus Smith

Maddison DeBeaux

Paris Darby


Diary Dates




Year 3 / 4  Residential to Waterpark


Yr 5/6 at   Forum 28 for UDance


Meeting for   Year 2 parents, 5:30pm


Penrith   Gymnastics Final