March 24th Newsletter

Picture of Mrs Doran
March 24th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Monday, 28 March 2016, 1:33 PM

Easter Raffle

Thank you to the many parents who brought in a donation for the children’s Easter raffle.  It has been great to be able to reward the children for their hard work and excellent behaviour this term. 


Spring Chicks

We were very excited on Wednesday afternoon to see our first chick hatch from the eggs.  Unfortunately it happened 10 minutes after most children had left for the day but there were plenty of staff around to get clucky!  Thanks once again to Mrs Heap and Mr and Mrs Brettle who have helped us bring this experience into the classroom.


Waterpark Residential

The Year 3/4 residential has been a fantastic success.  Mr Procter has sent regular updates about how much they are loving their activities and pictures sent have shown the all the children with beaming smiles.  What makes this trip even more special is the opportunity to interact with pupils from another school and I hope to work with Mrs Powell to arrange further opportunities for all classes to work in partnership with Burlington CE Primary Pupils.


Social Networking

I spoke to the children about safe and sensible use of social networking sites again this week.  This was for two reasons.  Firstly, following a post about bullying, which named a local primary school, I reminded the children that just because we read something online it does not make it true and that there are always two sides to a story.  Facebook posts such as this rarely reflect both sides and are therefore impossible to judge.


My second reason for discussing social networking was a result of stumbling across a social profile belonging to one of our own KS2 pupils.  Their profile was open for all to see.  From their photos I was able to identify where they live and what school they attended.  Mr Procter has been working with Year 5/6 this term on E-Safety and this subject was covered on numerous occasions last year but this example of social networking goes against everything the children are being taught.  Please be vigilant.  If you do allow your child to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. check the content they are posting online and respect the wishes of other parents by ensuring they are not posting pictures or information about their friends who may well not be permitted to use these sites.


Extra Curricular Clubs

Please see the new Extra Curricular Activities timetable for the clubs that are available to pupils next term.  These are the minimum clubs available.  It may be that further clubs are added after the holidays.  During the first week back, you will receive a copy of the club timetable with a permission slip.  Please indicate on the timetable which clubs you would like your child to attend and then return the letter, with the signed permission slip, to school.