April 15th Newsletter

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April 15th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Sunday, 24 April 2016, 9:36 AM

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after the break and to hear about all of their adventures despite the lack of sunshine.  Thank you all for attending the Parent’s Evening meetings this week.  It is always a pleasure to be able to praise our pupils for their hard work and excellent behaviour. 


Sports Apprentice

This week myself and Mr Procter have interviewed four candidates for a Sports Apprenticeship that we are offering.  The Sports Apprentice will be an additional member of staff who can provide a daily extra-curricular club, support our class teachers to deliver PE lessons and deliver interventions which involve developing a child’s motor skills, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.  They will also be able to support in the classroom when needed and accompany the teachers and children to any events or competitions.  I am pleased to tell you that the successful candidate is…..


Teacher Recruitment

In addition to being busy recruiting a Sports Apprentice, we have also now shortlisted 5 candidates for our KS2 Class Teacher position.  This vacancy is due to Mrs Hoekstra retiring at the end of this term.  We received a wide range of applications giving us a strong field to choose from.  The interviews will take place next Friday and parents will be informed of the outcome as soon as possible.


Zoo Lab

Our pupils love creatures and critters, from hamsters, lambs and chicks to butterflies that Mr Procter’s class will soon be rearing.  We have now decided to invite Zoo Lab into school next Wednesday to deliver 3 exciting animal handling workshops.  KS1 will look at animals and learn about Habitats, Year 3/4 will learn about Mini Beasts and Year 5/6 will look at animals and learn about Evolution.  Zoo Lab are a very reputable company and have comprehensive risk assessments to ensure the children are safe and comfortable at all times.  Although the children are encouraged to handle the animals, no child is forced to and can remain at a distance they are comfortable with.


Sports Performers

I was very pleased to receive and email this week informing us that once again LAMPS has been nominated for the ‘Sports Performers of the Month’ award for our success in Gymnastics.  Two members of each Key Steps team will accompany Mrs Smith to Barrow to receive a £50 cheque from Furness Heating Components and have their picture taken by the Evening Mail.



Mrs Gallagher has sent home letters this week regarding school photographs to be taken this month by Anthony Wright.  I have spoken to Mr Kilty this week to arrange a session after half term where the children (and families) can have their picture taken in the school garden which could be in addition to the usual school picture or an alternative.  Whilst Anthony Wright has always taken excellent quality pictures, we are keen to move with the times and provide our parents with as much choice as possible and Mr Kilty’s Christmas Photographs have always been well received.


Silver Smarties

Last term Friends of LAMPS sent home a tube of Smarties with every child. The aim is to do jobs around the house for parents and relatives and earn 20p pieces to go towards an end of year Summer Sports Fun Day which has been held in previous years.


We hope your children are having fun doing jobs and raising money. Tubes are to be returned to school by Friday 29th April. We will send home a copy of the form should you wish to Gift Aid the amount raised, together with a bag to put your Smartie tube and any funds raised into nearer the time.  Thank you for your support!


This week I have received some information from a concerned parent with regard to the Silver Smarties campaign.  In an effort to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about supporting the campaign, I would encourage you to visit the following website:


Whilst it is too late to withdraw from the initiative having already purchased the Smarties and distributed them, you can communicate your personal views by returning any raised money in a bag/envelope which will inform whether this fund raiser is used in the future.


Egg Hatching

As you may have seen our egg hatching was a success.  We incubated 6 eggs and 3 chicks hatched.  Sadly one of the chicks was quite weak and although Mrs Heap took it home over the break in the hope of building its strength, it did not survive.  The two remaining are doing very well.  In our assembly on Wednesday we discussed the effort required to keep the chicks and look after them in the school garden.  The children were VERY keen so we have ordered a fox proof, child friendly, chicken coop and run which will be here soon. 



U Dance

UDance DVDs are now available to purchase and cost £8 each.  If you would like one then you can bring £8 into school (or a cheque written to school) in an envelope labelled with your child’s name and UDance DVD.  Mrs Gallagher will then order them direct and distribute accordingly.







Dojo (merit)


Naomi Whitehead

Imogen Bravery Matheson

Will Parton


Sam Doyle

Courtney Crowe

Zara Clough


Jamie Maddox

Imogen Hill

Dylon Whitehead


Noah Seath

Blosson Howell

Sophie Iveson


Diary Dates




Basketball   Nets to be installed


Zoo Lab Visit


Anthony Wright


Interview Day


Year 6 Maths   SAT


Cross County   Relays


Forces Day –   May the force be with you