May 13th Newsletter

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May 13th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Friday, 13 May 2016, 4:46 PM

Dear Parents,


Thank you so much for the many cakes donated for today’s celebration.  Those left over will be taken to sell at tomorrow’s Plant and Bake Sale.  Your generosity and support is always appreciated.



I would like to congratulate each one of our wonderful year 6 pupils for their hard work and effort during SATs week.  We were all unbelievably proud of their positivity and enthusiasm throughout the week.  The fact that, after every paper, our pupils came out of their classroom smiling meant the world to us and it is a credit to them and their class teacher who has prepared them very well.  The tests are undoubtedly more challenging than ever before but each and every one of them made us proud and today’s celebration is a perfect end to the week.


Lunch Shop

We are very excited to be going online with our meal payment/choices this month.  I am sure you will find this a much more convenient method of ordering and paying for school lunches.  We are having a demonstration for parents on Wednesday 18th May.  Parents will be invited into school at 3pm.  The demo will be delivered by Karen Wilson who works for Orian (our meal provider) and will take only 10 minutes.  If you are unable to attend then please do not worry as the system is very simple and if a friend is unable to show you then you can pop into the office another time for a demonstration by either myself or Mrs Gallagher.


Sun Cream

It was great to see so many pupils with water bottles, sun hats and sun cream this week.  The children do spend a significant amount of time outdoors both for breaks and as part of their learning so it is paramount they have protection from the sun and keep hydrated.  If you are sending your child to school with sun cream, please can it be labelled with their name.


Outdoor Work

As many of you have seen, the improvements to our Early Years area have been going very well and we are really pleased with the result.  Pentagon will hopefully be starting work on the lower playground this week although this will be a smaller project so should hopefully only last a couple of days.  I would like to thank our neighbours for their patience and understanding during this period and hope that not too much inconvenience has been caused.



Attendance data is reviewed regularly and I would like to share with you some concerns.  Our attendance rates have steadily dropped over this academic year.  In order to remain an outstanding school our attendance needs to be higher than the local and national average.  Firstly I am concerned because the number of holidays taken in term time has increased.  These absences cannot be authorised unless the reasons are exceptional and, to date, there have been no exceptional reasons for children to be taken out of school during term time.  There has also been an increase in authorised absences which include illness and medical appointments.  Children are frequently leaving school to attend dentist and doctors’ appointments when these can be made outside of school hours.  Whilst we cannot avoid children being ill, I would appeal to parents to be conscientious when making the decision to keep your child off school.  Unlike many schools, we have adopted a policy where staff are happy to administer medicine to promote better attendance.  Obviously pupils who are physically sick, have diarrhea or a contagious rash need to be at home but often, with more minor ailments such as coughs and colds, being in school can help take their mind off things and we would never have a child in school who we deemed too ill to be here.


There are a small number of pupils whose attendance is very poor and, in other schools, this would trigger action from an Educational Welfare Officer.  I will be writing individually to these parents to make these concerns known.



Lindal Pre-School After School Club

We are very lucky to have popular and well attended after school child care facility that the children always enjoy attending.  I have been working with the Pre-School staff to increase safeguarding procedures at the end of the day in regard to ensuring that those pupils who should be in the After School Club are handed over straight away.


School have asked the staff for an updated register be given to us at the start of each week which lists the children who are attending the club and on which evenings.  Parents can be late picking up children and often we do not know whether they should be in the club or not.  Also, at this time of year, there are more children walking home from school.  Knowing which children should be in After School Club or not will help us to safeguard those pupils that we are not handing over to parents at the end of the day to ensure they are where you expect them to be. 


Where possible, please help these procedures by booking your child into the club in advance.  There will always be flexibility and last minute bookings can still be made.  If you make a note in the orange book in the morning or telephone the school office (or Pre-School Staff) this information will then be added to the register.  It is essential that teachers know exactly where your child should be at 3:15pm whether it be After School Club, an extra-curricular activity or they are walking home alone.  Thank you for your support.







Dojo (merit)


Francisca Robinson   Greaves

Ashton Wood

William Smith


Daniel Marshall

George Hughes

Seth Turner


Josh Eaglestone

Grace Heap

Lloyd Heffernan


All Year 6 received a certificate today to recognize their hard work and effort during SATs week.


Diary Dates




SATS week for   Year 6


Outdoor work   starts


Cricket   Tournament (selected Yr 5/6 pupils) 10-2pm, Lindal Cricket Club


Mini Tennis   Comp, (selected Yr ¾ pupils), 9-12pm, Dowdales


Playground   Party


Plants &   Bake Sale, 10am


Year 5/6 trip   to Windermere School – Maths Show


Year 5/6   Orienteering Comp, Barrow Park, 10-2pm


Finish for   Half Term break


Friends   Meeting, 7:30pm


Orienteering   Comp, (selected Yr 5/6 pupils @ DASH


London   Residential Trip, returning 15-06-16


Cricket Comp,   Yr 5/6 – more details to follow


Mini Olympics   event, Yr 2 pupils, DASH, 1-3pm


Girls Cricket   Comp, Yr 5/6, more details to follow


Ulverston   Voices – Choir only


Sponsored Fun   Run, 1:30pm


Year 6   Transition Day – UVHS


Year 6   Transition Day – UVHS


Sports Day,   1:15pm


Year 3/4   Hockey Final, Carlisle


YMCA Trip ,   KS1


Summer Concert,   1:15pm


Summer Sports   Fun Day – Glaxo, 8:50am


Summer Trip, Yr 3/4, more details to follow.


Leaver’s   Assembly & Last Day