May 27th Newsletter

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May 27th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Friday, 27 May 2016, 5:40 PM

Sports Events

I would like to congratulate our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils who, yesterday competed in their first football match representing the school.  The children were invited by Low Furness CE Primary School to play two friendly matches.  We took a team of Reception pupils and a team of mixed Yr 1/2 pupils.  This was the first time some children had competed and the first time some had played in an actual match. We were very proud of how fantastic they played and the team spirit they displayed throughout the evening.


Yesterday was also a busy day for twelve of our Year 5/6 pupils who spent the day participating in an orienteering competition at Barrow Park.  They had a great time and look forward to the next competition at Dash on Friday 10th June.


Belated congratulations are in order for our Year 3/4 tennis team who played fantastically at their Mini Tennis competition recently and will now represent Furness in the County Finals held in Carlisle next month.  The children will join the hockey team who will also be competing in the county finals that day.


Sports Day

We will be making a slight change to Sports Day this year.  The whole school is going to be divided into 4 mixed aged groups which we will refer to as their ‘Family Groups’.  Each group will have nominated adults.  The children will have many opportunities throughout the year to work in their Family Groups and one of these occasions will be Sports Day.  They will be organised on the day into their groups and be given a team colour.  The children will then run the usual races but this year their success in each race will contribute points to their team.


We would like the children to wear their team colour on the day.  Please refer to the top of the newsletter for details of which Family Group your child is in and what colour they need to wear on Sports Day.  The nominated adults for each team are shown below:


Mr Procter & Mrs Covey                           Green

Miss Hair & Mrs Jarvis                              Red

Miss Stewart & Mrs Thompson                 Blue

Mrs Hoekstra & Mrs Dalziel                      White


Reception Places

We were delighted this week to be told that a further 3 reception places have been requested for September so next year we will now be welcoming 14 Reception pupils in total.  This is excellent news and means that our popular school will almost be fully subscribed with the only places available being in Year 6.


I will be writing to you after the half term break to give the final details of the class organisation next year and which adults will be supporting in which classroom.



Our Year 2 pupils have enjoyed toys and treats this afternoon as a special reward for their fantastic effort and hard work throughout their SATs.  Just like our Year 6 pupils, the children have had a wonderfully positive attitude about the tests and have not been phased by them at all.  I am very proud of each and every one of them and how well they have approached these new and more challenging tests.  Well done Unicorns!







Dojo (merit)


Orna Lett

Libby Powell

Lewis Walker


Sam Doyle

Leah McIntosh

Ella Scott


Tom Mason

Grace Heap

Isla Dobson


Maia Hughes

Sam Jessett

Lucy Doyle


Diary Dates




Gripping Yarns   (Internet Safety Assembly/Workshop) KS2


Friends   Meeting, 7:30pm


Orienteering   Comp, (selected Yr 5/6 pupils @ DASH 3:45pm – 5pm)


London   Residential Trip, returning 15-06-16


Cricket Comp,   Yr ¾ – more details to follow


Mini Olympics   event, Yr 2 pupils, DASH, 1-3pm


Girls Cricket   Comp, Yr 5/6, Dalton, more details to follow


Year 6, Junior   Citizen Scheme, 12:40pm


Lindal Gala


Transition   Assembly & Yr 6 workshop, Jester for Jesus


Ulverston   Voices – Choir only


Sponsored Fun   Run, 1:30pm


Year 6   Transition Day – UVHS


Year 6   Transition Day – UVHS


Sports Day,   1:15pm


Year 3/4   Hockey Final, Carlisle


Open Day (opportunity for parents to view pupils   work)


YMCA Trip ,   KS1


Summer Concert,   1:15pm


Summer Sports   Fun Day – Glaxo, 8:50am


Presentation Evening for new Reception parents,   6pm


Summer Trip,   Yr 3/4, more details to follow.


Leaver’s   Assembly & Last Day