January 30th Newsletter

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January 30th Newsletter
by Mrs Doran - Friday, 30 January 2015, 5:02 PM

School Council

School council members were announced in assembly on Monday morning and the children gathered for their first meeting on Wednesday.  There were some great fundraising ideas and many suggestions of events and activities we could plan for next half term.  Please see the school council section of the website to view representatives.



On Tuesday I sent a note home regarding headlice.  They do seem to be causing quite a problem in school for a few parents and it must be very frustrating when the children are cleared but then catch them again.  Please do check your children’s hair regularly and treat if necessary.


For further information, the NHS recommends either wet combing with a fine tooth comb or using lotions or a spray.


Wet combing:-

  • needs to carried out every three days until the head is clear.
  • requires a suitable 'nit comb' with teeth spaced around 0.2mm apart.


  • usually only kill live lice and not eggs
  • treatment should be repeated after 7 days and then after 10 to 12 to ensure that you clear any hatched eggs before the lice reach maturity.


From my own personal experience of having to de-louse my own children with long thick hair, I think using both approaches together is the most effective way to remove them but the key thing is to repeat the treatments to ensure that both live lice and eggs are cleared.


Holiday Forms/Absences

I have been studying the attendance figures for this academic year so far and have become a little concerned over the number of children who have been highlighted with poor attendance.  Whilst I understand that sickness is unavoidable there are also a high number of parents requesting holidays.  As you will probably know holidays are not authorized unless the circumstances are exceptional and whilst we appreciate that you give us notice by completing the holiday form, this does not automatically mean the absence will be recorded as authorized.


I will be sending individual letters to the parents of those pupils whose attendance has fallen below 90% already for whatever reason as I have a duty to ensure that you are fully informed of the impact that poor attendance can have on your child’s progress.


Athletics Competition

As you know, children in year 5 and 6 participated in the Sainsbury’s Athletics competition at Hoops last Tuesday and we were delighted to see Mrs Smith and the team arrive back with beaming smiles, medals around their necks and a huge trophy.  The children performed fantastically against 8 other schools to win first place.  A well deserved achievement!



The gymnastic teams will be competing at Barrow Leisure Centre on Wednesday next week in the Key Steps competition.  I would just like to thanks those parents who have volunteered to take lifts as without your support attending such events would be very difficult.


As you may have noticed in the diary dates, we also have four girls in year 6 who are travelling to Carlisle tomorrow to compete in a Gymnastics event.  The girls performed their routines for the school this afternoon which was also an opportunity to try on their fabulous new leotards that have been kindly donated by Mrs Jackson.  We were very impressed with their level of skill and I have been as equally impressed with their dedication and the effort they have put in to come to school early and practise each morning.  Good luck to Anya Clough, Caragh Jackson, Heather Murray and Ruby McKenzie-Netherwood.  We know you’ll be fantastic!


Diary Dates

I will add to these each week whenever new events or activities are arranged.  More information about each event will be provided near the time.

Weds, 4th February:              Selected pupils, Gymnastics, Barrow Leisure Centre

Thurs, 5th February:              Year 3, Cricket, FurnessAcademy

Fri, 6th February:                   Year 5 Taster Day at Dowdales

Thurs, 12th February:            Year 2 Cricket, FurnessAcademy

Fri, 13th February:                 KS1 Mini Olympics, Dowdales

                                                Year 5/6, Oliver Production at Dowdales

Mon, 2nd March:                     Young Voices


Weekly Achievements


Maths Awards:         Dillon Wilson              Lloyd Heffernan          Alexander Smith                              

Writing Awards:       Lucy Doyle                 Thomas D                   Sam Doyle

Merit Awards:          Abbi Hannah               Romeo D                    Naomi Whitehead                 


Well done children, keep up the good work!