11th January Newsletter

Welcome to the spring term; may it not be too long before we have lighter nights and warmer days!  I would like to say a massive thank you for the generosity you have shown to myself and the other staff with your Christmas cards and gifts.  Miss Whyte was also overwhelmed with the collection and messages from parents and was eager for me to pass on her thanks.


Mr Pegg

Mr Pegg has had an excellent first week in Class 1 and we are very pleased to have him with us.  He has settled in very well and is already full of adoration for our lovely little ones.  If you have not met him yet then please do introduce yourself.  Mr Pegg can be contacted through Dojo or via email.  His email address is dpegg@lindalmarton.cumbria.sch.uk


Step Trackers

After our disastrous start with step trackers last term and the many problems we had with them, we are persevering and we are ready to start again.  We have purchased some new trackers which will hopefully be more robust.  Following the same routine as last time, the children selected (at random) will be given their trackers on Friday and should keep them until the following Thursday.  If your child brings home a tracker, there will be information and a chart to complete in their reading record.  If you have any questions please do speak to their class teacher or Mrs Elliott.



There are a number of children in school who have lost items of uniform.  Please could you check at home to make sure your child has not brought home an item of someone else’s uniform or PE kit.  All clothing should be named.


Keswick/Coniston to Barrow

Following the success of our C2B team last year, we are considering entering a team in both the K2B and C2B walks this year.  This would be open to parents, children and staff.  If you are interested then please let myself, Mrs Gallagher or Mrs Brettle know so we can gauge whether it would be feasible.



Class 3 and Class 4 parents should have received information via Parentmail regarding the residential trip to Eskdale YHA this summer.  The accommodation we have booked only has occupancy for 40 people so the places will be on a first come, first serve basis.  We do not envisage that all 42 pupils in these two classes will attend the trip so any remaining places will be offered to Year 3 pupils.  If all Year 4/5/6 pupils did want to attend and a significant number of Year 3 children were interested, there is a camping option within the grounds of the Youth Hostel.  If Year 4/5/6 parents could respond as soon as possible, we will be able to make the necessary arrangements.