20th September Newsletter

Extra-Curricular Clubs

If your child is attending a club after school, please ensure they know that they are.  I fully understand that getting used to a new routine can take a little while but this week we have had several KS2 children walking home or standing outside wondering why they have not been picked up when they should have been in a club.  Whilst we do have club registers, the children are often attending a club that is delivered by another teacher.  If the children do not know they are in the club and are not in the place they should be then we have to go looking for them.

First Aid

We are very excited to have the Little Lifers First Aid company in school on Tuesday morning to deliver a Flat Stan First Aid Workshop to Year 2 and Year 3.  This is part of our aim to develop awareness and understanding of health and well-being issues and, over the next year, we will be arranging First Aid workshops for each of the other year groups too.

Fire Evacuation

This morning the children took part in a fire drill.  We do these once per term and, as Class 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London and talking about what to do at home if they hear their smoke alarm, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to teach our new pupils about fire action at LAMPS.  If you haven’t already, chat to your child about what action they should take in the event of a fire in your home.

Lunch Orders 

If your child requires a hot dinner, please ensure that these are booked.  There are too many instances of children not having a dinner ordered and coming to school with no packed lunch.  Mrs Brettle checks the system every morning and is usually able to identify the children who have a dinner every day but do not have one ordered.  When there are pupils who alternate between packed lunch and hot dinner, this is much more difficult and takes time to sort out.

Lindal Park

We have had some lovely weather this week and Lindal Park is a great space to run around after school.  Unfortunately, though, I have received reports of some unwelcome behaviour from some of our lower KS2 pupils.  It is very sad to hear that some children have been rude to adults and have been interfering with the boundaries of the neighboring gardens.  Whilst the children are no longer the responsibility of school staff, I would appreciate it if you could remind your children that when they are wearing their school uniform, inappropriate behaviour reflects poorly on us all.


English Mathematics Dojo (merit)
Dominic Payne Freya Wall Eva Wilson
Eliza Roberts Eve Graham Mia Wall
Levi Constantini Kara Lingard Amelie Ward
Lucy Hope Mia Dobson Daniel Marshall

Also, well done to Eliza Roberts who was awarded her Stage 2 handwriting pen today.  Eliza’s presentation is superb!

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time. New dates are highlighted, changes to any date/time are in red.

Date Event
02-10-19 Jester 4 Jesus Assembly
04-10-19 Harvest presentation @ St Peter’s Church, 1:30pm
15-10-19 Harvest Tea for Grandparents
18-10-19 Cat Bells class visit to Safari Zoo, 10am to 3:30pm
18-10-19 Finish for half term break
28-10-19 Return to school
09-11-19 UlverSTEM event @ Coronation Hall, 9-4pm, selected pupils
27-11-19 Year 5 and Year 6 visiting Windermere School
04-12-19 Jester 4 Jesus Assembly
09-12-19 Nasal Flu vaccinations, KS1 pupils
20-12-19 Finish for Christmas break