23rd November Newsletter

Panto – Snow White
You will see on Parentmail that Mrs Gallagher has sent a notification asking for permission for our visit to the Forum 28 to watch this year’s pantomime. The tickets have been bought by The Friends but there will be a minimal cost of £4 for the coach journey there and back. We would like to confirm with the theatre how many seats we will require. We have reserved 110 tickets so, once we have a definite number of staff and children, they may be some tickets left for parents to purchase if you’d like to join us that day. If you are interested, we will use Parentmail to send a message once all parents have confirmed their child’s attendance.

School Dinners
We are having some difficulty with our younger pupils at lunch time. They are either refusing to eat the meal choices that have been selected for them or they are eating very little. We are sent the number of meals that are ordered and we have to explain to the children that they cannot have something else as that would mean they were eating another child’s lunch. Please can you talk to your child about what meals they do and do not like on the current menu and ensure that they are ordered a meal they will eat. This will prevent tears, hungry children and unnecessary food waste.

Step Trackers
We have been very frustrated with the step trackers purchased. A number have not worked as they should have or had faulty straps. We have contacted the supplier and they are issuing us with a refund. Our intention is to source an alternative which will hopefully be more robust. In the meantime, we will persevere with the trackers that do work but we expect to have new replacements within a week or so. Thank you for your patience.

Diary Dates
These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week. More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.

26-11-18 Last swimming session
27-11-18 Athletics Comp @ Furness Academy, Yr 3/4 selected pupils
28-11-18 Maths Puzzle Day @ Dowdales, Year 5 selected pupils
29-11-18 Science Visit to UVHS, Year 5 group 1
2-12-18 Choir singing @ Michaelmas Fayre, Buccleuch Hall, 2pm
4-12-18 Choir singing @ Staveley House, 1pm
5-12-18 Class 1 visit to Candle Factory
6-12-18 Science visit to UVHS, Year 5 group 2
8-12-18 Choir singing @ Buccleuch Hall, Senior Citizens Dinner
10-12-18 End of year afternoon performance, 1:30pm
10-12-18 End of year evening performance, 5:30pm
11-12-18 End of year evening performance, 5:30pm
14-12-18 Crib Service @ Lindal Church, 1:15pm
14-12-18 Christmas Jumper Day – official! £1 donation
16-12-18 Christingle Service @ Lindal Church, 4pm
18-12-18 Whole School trip to Forum to see Snow White
18-12-18 Children’s Christmas Parties
21-12-18 Finish for winter break – Christmas Jumpers!

8-01-19 Return to school