Panto – Spare Tickets
Now that the majority of parents have responded on Parentmail to provide permission for their child to attend the Panto in the last week of term, we now know that we have 13 spare tickets for that performance which we are selling on Parentmail from today. The tickets are being sold at £9.25 which was the price school has been charged and any parents who do want to purchase one will have to make their own way to The Forum. You will however have the pleasure of sitting with the children (your own if you would like) and a free ice-cream!

Thank you so much to Kim Brettle who organised the Prize Bingo evening. We were amazed with the total of £1054.80 which was raised and donated to school. We’re so lucky to have so many generous parents and members of the community who have supported this and other events and also given wonderful prizes to this and the Christmas Raffle. We really appreciate it!

Whole school attendance for this term currently sits at 96.1% which is remarkable given the number of illnesses that seem to be circulating. I would like to thank the parents that have sent their children in even if they are a little under the weather. If they do have a cough or cold then these are usually far worse at night than in the day and we are always happy to administer Calpol or other necessary medicines if it means the children can remain in school. We will always contact you if your child is too poorly to be here. As much as we do not want them to miss any school, we do not want them to be upset and uncomfortable either.

If your child has been absent due to ill health then I would ask that you consider very carefully the need for any further absences in school time such as holidays. Holidays are very rarely authorized and if your child’s attendance has already been impacted by illness then a holiday may result in their attendance falling below the threshold of 95%. Parents of any children who are already below 95% will receive a message so you are aware. If your child is below 90%, which is regarded as ‘persistent absence’ by DFE then you will receive a letter. If you have any concerns or questions about attendance then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reading Raffle
Well done to all those children who have been ensuring they are in the reading raffle each week. This was a particularly good week for Class 1 who had more children entered than ever before. I cannot stress how important reading with your child is, even more so in their first few years at school when they need to practice the phonics and decoding skills they are taught at this stage!

Extra-Curricular Clubs
Next week will be our last week of extra-curricular activities. A new timetable with new activities to choose from will be sent home in the new term with a view to the clubs starting from January 14th.

Diary Dates
These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week. More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.

4-12-18 Choir singing @ Staveley House, 1pm
5-12-18 Class 1 visit to Candle Factory
6-12-18 Science visit to UVHS, Year 5 group 2
8-12-18 Choir singing @ Buccleuch Hall, Senior Citizens Dinner
10-12-18 End of year afternoon performance, 1:30pm
10-12-18 End of year evening performance, 5:30pm
11-12-18 End of year evening performance, 5:30pm
14-12-18 Crib Service @ Lindal Church, 1:15pm
14-12-18 Christmas Jumper Day – official! £1 donation
16-12-18 Christingle Service @ Lindal Church, 4pm
18-12-18 Whole School trip to Forum to see Snow White
18-12-18 Children’s Christmas Parties – party wear essential!
21-12-18 Finish for winter break – Christmas Jumpers!

8-01-19 Return to school