28th June Newsletter

Class Arrangements 2019-2020

All children should now be fully aware of what class they will be in and with what teacher.  They have been working in these groups every Friday afternoon.  We will be organizing the Year 4/5/6 children in the same way as we have done this year.  This involves splitting them into two Year 4/5/6 form groups which they will be registered in and also be in during each afternoon.  The children will be split into sets for their English and Maths lessons.  The Year 4/5/6 parents will be informed of their child’s teacher for English and Maths in their end of year report.

Class 1 – Mrs Lawson Class 2 – Mrs Doran/Mrs Erswell Class 3 -Miss Shepherd Class 4 – Mr Procter
Rec/Year 1 Year 2/Year 3 Year 4/Year 5/Year 6 Year 4/Year 5/Year 6
21 pupils 20 pupils 20 pupils 26 pupils

Mrs Erswell and I will continue to share the teaching of Class 2.  I will teach mornings Mon-Thurs, with Mrs Erswell teaching afternoons and all day on a Friday.

Summer Concert

The children are very excited to be performing for you next week as part of our annual summer concert.  Because this event attracts a large audience, we rely on dry weather so that it can be held outside.  If we were unlucky enough to have a wet day next Friday then we would have to re-arrange.  However, the weather forecast is looking good!  We will open the gate at 1:15pm, with the first performance at 1:30pm.  Please refrain from coming early as we will have children on the playground until 1pm and then we need 15 minutes to set up the chairs.

Drinks Bottles

Two years ago I decided to allow children to bring sugar free cordial in a water bottle because I was concerned by the number of children who were drinking very little during the day due to not liking water.  Unfortunately, there are a number of children bringing in sugary cordial (which is sticky when spilt) and even individuals bringing in bottles of smoothie which have a very high sugar content.  I must remind parents that we would prefer sugar free cordial or water only.  If children continue to bring in sugary drinks then we will be forced to revert back to having water only from the school water fountain.

Sun Protection

Please ensure that children apply sun cream before coming to school and have sun cream available to top up later in the day, especially if it is particularly sunny.  As summer seems to have finally arrived, we are exploiting every opportunity for outdoor learning and trust that the children have adequate protection. 

Walking Bus

We have so far received 3 volunteers for the walking bus.  This could be a very positive method of reducing traffic in the morning and giving children more independence.  If you are a parent that lives locally and walks up the hill any of the five mornings, then please consider volunteering so we can trial this.


English Mathematics Dojo (merit) Reading Raffle
Keisha McCall Hallie Heywood Freddie Munro Freya Wall
Ashton Wood Samuel Heap Kara Lingard Juliette Mills
Imogen BM Seth Turner Yasmin Boyde Harry Slater
Imogen Brettle Romeo Dotterer Ezri Kitchin Ezri Kitchin

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time. New dates are highlighted, changes to any date/time are in red.

Date Event
01-07-19 Year 6 Transition Day
02-07-19 Year 6 Transition Day
03-07-19 Transition Assembly – J4J
05-07-19 Summer Concert, 1:15pm
10-07-19 Junior Lego Comp, Year 3/4/5, selected pupils
10-07-19 Year 3/4 Tennis County Final, selected pupils
11-07-19 Year 4/5/6 trip to Fell Foot
12-07-19 YMCA Trip, Class 1 and Class 2
15-07-19 Summer Sports Fun Day – Glaxo Sports Club (9-3pm)
16-07-19 Open Day (KS1 am, KS2 pm)
17-07-19 Leaver’s Treat
19-07-19 Leaver’s Assembly, 1:30pm