29th November Newsletter


Just a polite reminder about parking and dropping off outside school. Parents must not park on the red areas.  Also, please refrain from parking in the spaces across the road that are specifically for residents of School Terrace. Cars should not stop in the middle of the road for children to jump out as this is especially dangerous, particularly if those cars then reverse into the School Terrace parking area to turn around as there may be children crossing. If your child is old enough to walk themselves into school, then consider dropping them off by The Green where drivers can easily circulate and the children can walk safely up the path.

Christmas Performance Tickets

There are no tickets remaining for the Monday and Tuesday evening performances.  We have 35 tickets left for Tuesday afternoon although there are still a number of families who have yet to request their tickets.  If you have not ordered a ticket and would like one for Tuesday afternoon, then please order by 3:30pm on Monday.  After this time, we will be giving the remaining tickets to those who have requested additional ones. 

I apologize in advance to any families who have not been able to secure tickets for their preferred time and also those who do not receive the number of additional tickets they have requested.  I would love for as many people as possible to watch the performances but the limited space means we need to be very practical about how many people we can fit safely into the hall at any one time.  The welfare of the children is paramount.


Unfortunately, we have not had our usual Praise Assembly today where the children receive their certificates and rewards.  This is because I have had to speak to them about behaviour.  There were three issues which I needed to discuss.  Firstly, there are some children who have been behaving very silly in the dining hall.  The staff have also reported some very rough play at break times between children in Class 1 and Class 2 which could lead to a child being hurt.  Lastly, Miss Shepherd has been very disappointed by the lack of effort the Class 3 and Class 4 children have given to learning and delivering their lines.  All the children have been told that unless their behaviour and attitudes improve, we will be considering whether they deserve the usual Christmas parties and other such activities.  Please talk to your child about the importance their behaviour in school and the effect that poor attitudes have on the adults that work very hard to support them. 

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time. New dates are highlighted, changes to any date/time are in red.

Date Event
03-12-19 Class 3 & 4 trip to Strawbale
04-12-19 Jester 4 Jesus Assembly
06-12-19 Christmas Play dress rehearsals
09-12-19 Christmas Play Evening Performance, 5:30pm
09-12-19 Nasal Flu vaccinations, KS1 pupils
10-12-19 Christmas Play Afternoon Performance, 1:30pm
10-12-19 Christmas Play Evening Performance, 5:30pm
13-12-19 Crib Service @ St Peter’s Church, 1:15pm
15-12-19 Christingle Service, St Peter’s Church
16-12-19 Whole School visit to Forum 28 – 12:15pm – Panto
17-12-19 Choir singing at Staveley House, 1:45pm
18-12-19 Christmas dinner day!
20-12-19 Finish for Christmas break