Coronavirus – Help and support

In recent weeks we have received a wealth of information from various sources that offers support and advice to schools and parents during the current Covid-19 crisis.  I have collated all that information to provide you with a single point of reference.  However, I recommend that you visit and subscribe to the following web pages to keep up to date with this rapidly changing situation.

Home learning advice

DFE guidance for home learning during school closures

10 top tips for remote learning – parents

Helping your child learn during school closures

Top tips for creating a home learning environment

Health advice

What to do when your child is unwell

Understanding the coronavirus

Helping SEND children understand pandemics and the coronavirus

Hand washing guidelines

Mental health

Reference to all mental health agencies

Helping children cope with stress

Well-being and mental health – a guide to looking after yourself and others

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse – victim support


Advice for dealing with behaviour at home

Advice for talking about Covid-19 with your child

Advice for managing stress

Advice for providing structure

Advice for managing one to one time


If your circumstances have changed due to the current Covid-19 crisis which has resulted in the unavoidable need to claim Universal Credit, your child will likely be entitled to free school meals and vouchers to support uniform costs.  Check here to see if you meet the criteria.

Apply for free school meals

Online Safety

Digital Safety and well-being kit

NSPCC Online safety advice

WhatsApp guide

Zoom guide