Friday 14th Newsletter

Head lice

We have been informed that a child in KS1 has had head lice this week.  They have been treated and are now clear but please could parents be vigilant in checking their children regularly.  Any children with long hair should keep it tied back.

Reading Books

Not so long ago, the Friends of LAMPS raised funds to enable us to purchase a new reading scheme.  We have noticed that our stock of reading books in KS2 has diminished which is perhaps due to children taking them home and not returning them.  Please could you check for reading scheme books at home and return any found before we replace them.  They are very expensive!

Homework expectations

All children should have brought home their class newsletter and their homework books this week.  Both explain the homework expectations for each class.  We are very lucky to have supportive parents at Lindal and Marton School who are eager to see their children succeed and understand their role in contributing to that success.  Class 3 and 4 have changed their homework routine this year so that books are given on a Monday and returned on Friday.  I understand that this may feel quite a rush at this early point in the year, especially to those who attend clubs and groups outside of school.  To help with this, spellings work on a fortnight rotation and the children will know their spelling lists so they can be practiced whenever they have time and in the second week they can just focus on the trickier ones or those they got wrong. Reading books travel between home and school daily so two of the four reading entries we expect can be done at the weekend and you will soon learn what times table your child needs to learn which again can be done at any point in the week.

I have asked class teachers to keep in mind how busy our children and parents are when they plan homework tasks so these should not take up too much time.  Building in a routine of 15-20 minutes a few days each week will not only instill good habits for when they are older and the expectations on them increase, but also reinforce the strength of partnership between home and school.

The number and variety of activities that our children do outside of school is exceptional and attending clubs and groups is to be strongly encouraged as they provide the children with a range of different experiences and opportunities. If you do find the homework routine more of a struggle then I would suggest that you prioritize reading.  We are very focused on our reading development as being a good reader impacts positively on every area of the curriculum.  Reading regularly with your child (or encouraging older children to read daily) is the greatest gift you can give to their education.  If your child enjoys reading and can become a good reader in primary, this will provide them with the foundations they need at secondary school and beyond.  If they are not keen readers, even the brightest children can struggle as adults working at degree level because of the academic reading required.


A reminder that swimming starts on Monday for the Year 4/5/6 children who are in PE Group 1.  Those children know who they are and their parents have received letters via Parentmail.  PE Group 2 will be having PE at this time with Mrs Elliott so must have their full PE kit in school.  If you are unsure what group your child is in then please ask their teacher or ring the office.

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.

17-09-18Extra-Curricular Activities begin
17-09-18Swimming starts for PE group 1
25-09-18Tapestry Workshop, 3:15pm, Reception parents
27-09-18NSPCC workshops & non-uniform day
28-09-18Library Van visit
12-10-18Harvest presentation, Lindal Church, 1:30pm
17-10-18Big Bang event, Furness College, 1:30pm – Class 3 & Class 4