Friday 21st Newsletter

NSPCC Visit – Non Uniform – Thursday

We will be visited on Thursday next week by representatives from the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).  They will be delivering an assembly to both Key Stage 1 and then another to Key Stage 2 followed by a workshop for Year 5 and Year 6; previous visits have always been well received by the children.  The presentation and workshop will reinforce the work we already do in school with our Kidsafe Programme about teaching the children how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they feel vulnerable.

To help raise money for the charity, we will be combining the visit with a non-uniform day.  The children can come into school wearing non-uniform for £1 which will be their donation.


Christmas Cards

Following the success of last year’s printed Christmas Cards, the children are going to be designing their own again this year.  The design will be sent home either on or before Friday 28th September.  On the reverse of the design is an order form.  If you would like your child’s design to be printed professionally then please follow this process:-

  1. Complete the Child’s information section on the reverse of their design
  2. Choose a greeting
  3. Select the products you would like to order for printing on the form
  4. Access Parentmail to pay for your order – DO NOT SEND A CHEQUE TO SCHOOL AS STATED ON THE FORM
  5. Return the design by Friday 5th October

If you have any difficulties then please see/email Mrs. Gallagher.



We are very pleased with how well Parentmail is being used by our parents and that we have had an almost seamless transition.  Thank you to Mrs. Gallagher for all her hard work setting up and using this new system.  If you do experience any difficulties then please don’t hesitate to let us know as it is our primary method of communication now.

Can I also remind parents that the website is a useful source of information displaying the extra-curricular club timetable, the weekly newsletter and also information about events.



It is great to see a number of other schools in the area are following us in a move to wearing ties as part of their uniform.  We certainly think that a smart uniform represents the high standards that we strive for at LAMPS.  Can you please make sure your child is coming to school in the correct uniform and that all items are labelled.


Big Bang Event – Furness College

We are very excited that Class 3 and Class 4 have been invited to attend the Big Bang event at Furness College this year.  We focused on our delivery of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) last year and are continuing to do so this year so it is an important event in our calendar.  The cost of the coach to transport both classes one way is approximately £150.  Therefore, like last year, we will be relying on parents collecting their child from Furness College at 3:30pm.  More information will be given nearer the time but we hope you will be able to support us.

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time.

Date Event
25-09-18 Tapestry Workshop, 3:15pm, Reception parents
27-09-18 NSPCC workshops & non-uniform day
28-09-18 Library Van visit
12-10-18 Harvest presentation, Lindal Church, 1:30pm
16-10-18 Harvest Afternoon Tea for grandparents, 1:30pm
17-10-18 Big Bang event, Furness College, 1:30pm – Class 3 & Class 4
19-10-18 Finish for half term break
29-10-18 Return to school
29-10-18 Parents’ Evening
30-10-18 Parents’ Evening