Staff Only

ONLY authorised school staff may log in to this website. There is no requirement for pupils, parents, or any other website visitor to login.

Website Rules

Our school web site is intended to:

  • promote the school;
  • provide accurate, up-to-date information about our school;
  • provide children and teaching staff with the opportunity to share information about teaching and learning such as what topics have been taught and the work produced as a result;
  • celebrate achievements.

All classes may provide work for publication on the school web site. Class teachers will be responsible for ensuring that the content of the pupils’ work is accurate and the quality of presentation is maintained. All material must be the author’s own work, crediting other work included and stating clearly that author’s identity and/or status. The point of contact on the web site will be the school address, telephone number and e-mail address. Home information or individual e-mail identities will not be published. Staff will be identified by their title, first name and surname unless they request otherwise. Permission will be sought from other individuals before they are referred to by name on any pages we publish on our web site.