March 6th Newsletter

Well-Being Week

One of our school improvement priorities at present is to ensure the development of our pupils’ well-being as well as their academic progress.  Having this as a focus has included mindfulness lessons, yoga, outdoor learning, increasing their understanding of nutrition and the benefits of exercise as well as learning about our health, first aid and how to keep safe.  We have woven this learning into our curriculum over the last 18 months and we intend to bring it all together with a themed week beginning 16th March.

The children will focus on aspects of well-being in their English and Maths lessons with their class teachers, and then, each afternoon, they will work with students from the University of Cumbria who are busy planning a wide range of lessons on this topic which they will then deliver to them.

Health and Safety

I am aware of the extensive coverage in the media regarding Corona Virus and I continue to follow it very closely. I would like to reassure parents that our school has the full support of Kym Allen – Health and Safety Consultants and we also have access to Public Health England and the Department for Health. Given the fast-moving, nature of the global response to the virus I do not feel it is sensible to constantly send out information which is being updated all the time. Providing people with links to reliable sources of information online is, I feel, more useful in the longer term.

Again, I wish to reassure parents that I am remaining up to date of all developments and will always follow the advice of the experts.  At present, that advice is to teach children how to wash their hands correctly and to wash them frequently.


I am pleased to tell you that our Key Steps 1 team won and will therefore be representing Furness at the county competition. Key Steps 2 and 3 both came a very close 2nd place to Newton School. We are thrilled for Newton as they have worked really hard and deserve their place. Our children are of course winners in our eyes and each one surpassed their performance in the previous competition so we are very proud of all of them.

This does of course mean that Mrs Lawson will be continuing to prepare the Key Steps 1 team whilst the rest of us can focus on the Netball, Tennis and Football Competitions that are coming up very soon.


This afternoon we took a team of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils to a netball competition at Dowdales.  They played against teams from Dalton St Mary’s, Burlington, Askam and Our Lady’s.  They won one, drew one and lost two but played fantastically as a team and demonstrated all the sporting values that we expect from them.  Well done to Burlington School who won the competition; their netball skills were very impressive!

Easter Raffle

We have three weeks left of the spring term and I am sure the children will work as hard in those three weeks as they have done so far this year.  As an end of term treat, we would like to hold an Easter Raffle for them.  The raffle will rely on the children themselves donating a prize.  It can be an Easter egg, a book or a small teddy (not necessarily new but in good condition). Every child that donates an item to the raffle, will then be given a raffle ticket.  The raffle will be drawn on the last day of term.  If, for example, 3 prizes are donated by one child then that child will be given 3 tickets and will come home on the last day with 3 prizes.  Hopefully these will not be the prizes they donated! Class teachers may also hand out additional raffle tickets as occasional rewards.

Governor Vacancy – filled

I am very pleased to tell you that we have now filled our vacancy and that Mr Payne (parent of James and Dominic, Year 1) is now on the board as a Parent Governor.  We are thrilled to have Mr Payne join us and thank him for volunteering for the role.


  Maths English Dojo Reading Raffle
Class 1 Madison Ackred Frankie Butcher Milo Morgan Rhia Waddington
Class 2 Max McLachlan Lucas Thornton Eliza Roberts Freddie Munro
Class 3 Archie Slater Evie Jessett Sebastian Kilty Jake Payne
Class 4 Lucy Hope Frazier Hazlehurst Tyler Fisher Molly Satterthwaite
  • Well done to Kara Lingard who was awarded her stage 3 pen this week.
  • Mrs Lawson has asked me to remind Year 1 parents that pupils need to read 4 times (from Thursday to Thursday) to be in the Reading Raffle each week.  There were only 4 children from Year 1 in the raffle today.

Diary Dates

These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week.  More information about each event will be provided nearer the time. New dates are highlighted, changes to any date/time are in red.

Date Event
09-03-2020 Year 5/6 Tennis Competition @ Hoops 9-12pm
09-03-2020 Year 5/6 Netball League @ Hoops, 3:30pm
10-03-2020 Year 5 Language session @ Dowdales
11-03-2020 Science morning Year 5 @ UVHS
13-03-2020 Year 5/6 Girls Football @ Ulverston 3G
13-03-2020 Year 3/4/5/6 Cross Country competition @ Dowdales, 2:30pm
16-03-2020 Well-Being Week
16-03-2020 Year 3/4 Tennis Comp
16-03-2020 Year 5/6 Netball League @ Hoops, 3:30pm
17-03-2020 Year 5 Language session @ Dowdales
18-03-2020 Science Morning
20-03-2020 Rugby Taster session, 3:30pm (6-9 yr olds)
23-03-2020 Year 5/6 Netball League @ Hoops, 3:30pm
25-03-2020 Jester For Jesus
26-03-2020 County Gymnastics Finals @ Penrith
27-03-2020 Last day of term
13-04-2020 EASTER MONDAY
14-04-2020 Return to school – Anthony Wright Photos
14-04-2020 Parents’ Evening
16-04-2020 Parents’ Evening
27-04-2020 KS2 Ulverston Voices @ Coro Hall
06-05-2020 Jester for Jesus