School Performance

The recipe for an ideal school has many ingredients and academic achievements is just one.  We are very proud of the progress our pupils make from their starting points and we have very successful methods of identifying pupils who are falling behind, or those who have a special educational need, so that they can receive the necessary intervention or support which will enable them to catch up with their peers.

Every year we publish our assessment outcomes and these can be found on the Standards page of the website.  The government also publish performance data which enables parents to make comparisons between schools.  This is to help parents make an informed choice.  Due to being a small school, our cohorts vary in size each year.  For example, in 2017 we had 7 pupils in Year 6 so each child’s results carries a high percentage of our overall scores.  This means any low results will have a disproportionate effect on the school’s average progress scores.  

Although we are are proud of our academic achievements and have had very good outcomes this year and previous years, we work just as hard to develop our pupils’ social and emotional well being as well as their leadership skills and values.  We strive to provide the children with a safe and stimulating environment; a place where they feel happy and eager to learn. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents who are interested in our school to pay us a visit to see for themselves what we have to offer and how hardworking and well mannered our pupils are.