November 22nd Newsletter

As we approach the end of the first term, I will be reviewing each child’s attendance. Regular attendance at school is very important. However, if your child is too unwell for school then he/she should stay at home. If your child is unable to attend school, for any reason, please telephone the school before 9.15am. If notification of an absence is not received by this time, we will contact you to enquire about the reason for your child’s non-attendance.

If you need to take your child out of school for an appointment please give the school prior notice by completing an appointments slip available from the office. Parents who collect children to go to the doctor, dentist etc, must first see the Headteacher/Administrator and the child will be collected from the classroom.

The school monitors the attendance of each child and we will share any concerns we have about your child’s attendance so that you are aware and can be mindful of the impact meaning any unnecessary absences can be avoided in the future. If your child’s attendance has fallen below 95%, you will receive a notification by text. If their attendance is below 90%, you will receive a written notification. In some instances, where needed, families can be referred to an Education Welfare Officer who will work with parents to encourage improved attendance.

Christmas Performance Tickets
This year Class 1 and Class 2 will be performing Hey Ewe and Class 3 and Class 4 will be performing The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

There will be three performances (please see dates on reverse) and 70 tickets available for each performance. With approximately 65 families in our school, this should mean that each family can have up to 3 tickets. Like last year, we will be asking for a £1 donation for each ticket requested. This contributes to the cost of purchasing the playscripts, a license for each performance, hire of the stage lights and then buy resources for props etc. Tickets will become available soon through Parentmail. If you require more than the three tickets allocated per family, requests will be noted and we will give out spare tickets on a first come, first served basis. Please email Mrs Brettle with any extra requests.

Cold Weather
The temperature has dropped quite significantly over the past couple of weeks. Please ensure your child brings an appropriate coat to school for play times. KS1 pupils can be on the playground at lunch time for nearly an hour so need to have a coat that will keep them warm.

We will continue to take advantage of any dry days and hold PE lessons outside. The children should have an outdoor kit which includes jogging pants and a hoody or fleece.

Raffle Tickets
Thank you to those parents who have sold raffle tickets already and brought the money into school. If you require more tickets then please see Mrs Brettle. If you would like to donate a raffle prize then these can be brought to the office or given to Christina ( Chair of PTA).

Diary Dates
These are useful dates for your diary that will be added to each week. More information about each event will be provided nearer the time. New dates are highlighted, changes to any date/time are in red.

Date Event
28-11-19 Year 5 and Year 6 visiting Windermere School
03-12-19 Class 3 & 4 trip to Strawbale
04-12-19 Jester 4 Jesus Assembly
06-12-19 Christmas Play dress rehearsals
09-12-19 Christmas Play Evening Performance, 5:30pm
09-12-19 Nasal Flu vaccinations, KS1 pupils
10-12-19 Christmas Play Afternoon Performance, 1:30pm
10-12-19 Christmas Play Evening Performance, 5:30pm
13-12-19 Crib Service @ St Peter’s Church, 1:15pm
15-12-19 Christingle Service, St Peter’s Church
16-12-19 Whole School visit to Forum 28 – 12:15pm – Panto
17-12-19 Choir singing at Staveley House, 1:45pm
18-12-19 Christmas dinner day!
20-12-19 Finish for Christmas break