It is very important that children arrive at school on time – no sooner than 8.40am and no later than 8.50am.

All children come straight into the classroom where the teacher will have activities set out for them. The children’s entrance will be opened at 8.40am by a teacher on duty who will also pass on any messages to any other members of staff.

For any children needing to arrive before 8.40, arrangements can be made for them to access the Breakfast Club provision run by pre-school staff at Buccleuch Hall. Breakfast Club runs from 7:45 until the start of school.

It is equally as important for children to be picked up from school promptly. If for any reason you find that you are going to be late, please contact the school so that we know what is happening and can inform your child accordingly. Alternatively they can be booked in to the After School provision, which again is run by pre-school staff at Buccleuch Hall and is available until 5.15pm.

Please also inform us if someone different is to pick up your child.